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Independent is not linked to any branche related organisation. Supply and demand are matched directly without involvement of
Visitors from all over the world search at for warehouses, logistics services and/or construction property.
Advertisements are primarily shown in English, but the advertiser can choose to show listings in other languages as well.
The unique combination of logistics property and logistics services is especially interesting for the user-market.


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Select here your search engine for warehouses, logistics services or construction property. We have 30.323.566 m2 of available real estate! You can also use the building cost calculator to get an estimate of the to be expected costs of a new warehouse.

Logistics Services
Construction Property
Building Costs, the independent and international platform for supply and demand of logistics property and logistics services, draws a wide range of visitor profiles. This makes interesting for:

  • Property branche: owners, investors, real estate agents and construction companies.
  • Logistics branche: logistics service providers and transporters.
  • User-market: producers, traders, importers and exporters.

At you can easily navigate through the advanced search engines and quickly match your needs to answer questions like:

  • Insourcing or outsourcing?
  • Buy or rent?
  • New built or existing?

For more information you can contact us by using the contact form or call us directly at: +31 (0)182 – 620 209.